embeddable book widget. Frequently Asked Questions.

What is BookBox?

BookBox(beta) is a tool for quickly embedding images of books into a web page. You can use it to show your favorite books to readers of your blog or website. If you mention a book in a blog post, you can include an image of the book cover to make it easier for readers to find out more about it. Educators use BookBox to recommend books to students and parents. Libraries and bookstores use BookBox to show books recently added to their collection or featured books.

Why beta?

BookBox is an ongoing project under active development by me (see below). If you find an error or have some ideas for improvement I'd be glad to hear from you. While it might be still rough around the edges, it is improving and new features are planned to help users find interesting books and connect with others with similar interests. As more and more people start using BookBox, exciting new features become possible.

Tool X can already do this, why should I use BookBox?

Some existing tools allow you to create catalogs of your whole library, but they are usually much more complex and require registration. I compete with them by doing less: embed images and links of a few books into your webpage within a minute or so without any registration or extra questions. Because it is lightweight, the BookBox widget loads very quickly and doesn't slow down your webpage. Besides, BookBox is a small project, still evolving and listening to the users.

How can I create a new BookBox?

You probably got to this page after seeing a BookBox embedded on someone's page and clicking the link below it. The start page contains the books selected for that BookBox. You can change this selection by removing some or all of the books, then adding your own. If you want to save the BookBox, you need to enter a password that you can use later to update your BookBox, then click Save and embed. Copy the resulting script into your webpage or blog and you are done.

How can I update my BookBox?

Immediately after creating the BookBox you can continue adding and removing books and when you are done you can save it with the Save and update button, after entering your password again. If you have created a BookBox earlier and embedded it on a page, click the link "get your own BookBox" below it and you get to the page where you can edit and update it. If you have arrived at the BookBox page directly (not following an existing BookBox) you can start creating a new one from scratch.

Why just password and not user name is needed?

To make things simpler. Each BookBox is still uniquely identified by a number (the one you can see in the script copied into the page source and also in the address bar in the browser). After embedding the BookBox it is not necessary to remember this number: clicking the "Get your own bookbox" link under the embedded widget takes you to the right page.

I forget my password, what to do?

As there is no registration and no email address asked, I can't reset and send out passwords in email. You can still modify your list of books and then save it as a new BookBox, with the Save and embed button (with a new password). Then replace the script in your webpage with the new script that is generated.

How to add/remove books?

Just use the search text box after "Add new book". It should be sufficient to enter part of the title or author's name or the ISBN number, as the page relies Amazon's book search functionality. Currently there is a limit of 20 books within a list. Out of these BookBox will show a random selection of books every time the page is reloaded. In some cases no cover image is available from Amazon. Often a different edition of the book will have the cover image. To remove books from a collection, just click the Remove button below a book image.

Can I create more than one BookBox?

Yes. After you save a new BookBox, the "Save and embed" button will be disabled. This is just to avoid confusion about whether further clicking the button would overwrite the existing or create a new BookBox. After you create a new BookBox, you can update it with the "Save and update" button. If you want to create a new BookBox, you need to reload the page or click again the "get your own BookBox" link below the widget.

How to embed BookBox in my webpage or blog?

You can copy the script that BookBox returns and paste it into the HTML source of your webpage. To embed it within a single blog post, edit the HTML source of that post. If you want to embed it in the blog template, such that it is visible with all posts, look for the settings of your particular blog engine. For example, on Blogger ( addresses), choose Layout -> Add a gadget -> HTML/Javascript, paste the script, then save the blog layout. You need to log in as an authorized user into Blogger first. If you find it difficult to embed BookBox in a particular blog engine, let me know.

Can I embed the same BookBox into several webpages or blogs/blog posts?


What is the Amazon Associate ID?

Amazon Associates is the affiliate program of If you participate in this program and refer someone to through an affiliate link, provided that they eventually purchase the product, you get a tiny percentage of the price from Amazon. The full details and steps for signing up for this program are here. If you sign up and are approved, you get an associate-ID from Amazon (our id is mybookbox-20). If you place a BookBox widget on your website, we give you the possibility of using your own associate-id. This means that we automatically mark the links for you and if people click the book links from the BookBox widget on your webpage and subsequently purchase them, you will get a small amount of money from Amazon. Again, see their webpage for the details and conditions.

If you choose not to use this option and leave the field blank, we can use our own associate-id, and in this case if someone makes a purchase, we will get a few cents from Amazon, that we can use to offset the costs of hosting and further developing BookBox. Therefore we greatly appreciate if you let us use our own associate-id (by leaving this field empty), but if you choose to put your own associate-id, we understand that too, and it is fine with us - really! In all cases this does not affect in any way the look and feel of the widget, and there is no extra cost for anyone actually purchasing a book on Amazon.

I have found a bug or I have a comment or question, how can I contact you?

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