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  • Major changes, and BookBox to be retired in its current form from June 30th, 2017.
  • More information here.


  • Fixing a bug regarding apostrophes in titles
  • Adding support for domain


  • Fixing an RSS error


  • Design improvements: icons instead of text where possible.
  • Displaying book author and title on mouseover.
  • BookBox now lets users use their own Amazon-id in widgets
  • Fixes of the interface
  • BookBox gets new home:


  • Interface tweaks:
    • Link to large cover.
    • If list is empty, alert before saving.
    • If no changes made, disable "update" button.
    • In popular books page link to a random collection containing book.
  • New page with usage statistics.
  • Fixed: small rendering bug of widget in IE 7.
  • Fixed: small rendering bug of page in Firefox.
  • Many new features in preparation.
  • Fixed: update in Amazon web services caused short outage in search.
  • Over 100 lists created in past two weeks.
  • Featured on: School Library Journal, NewToolsWorkshop.
  • Fixed: showing 'generic book' image in widget when book cover not available (for newly added books).
  • 230 lists and 640 books added so far.
  • Featured on: MoMB.
  • New page: discover interesting books.
  • Small bug fixed.
  • Small design tweaks.
  • 150 lists created and 500 books added using BookBox.
  • Small tweaks on the user interface layout.
  • Lots of suggestions from friends and various forums.
  • Review on WidgetsLab.
  • Finished first version of BookBox after a weekend of coding.

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